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Our Story

The ordinary me trying to be extraordinary


Owner Amy, husband Jeff, a golden retriever Kyler, and a small business named after the dog: Kyler Handcrafts and Gifts.

Our little business idea started back in 2019, but got on hold because of my health condition. After countless hours of experimentation and working with different wax and scents like a mad scientist, we are finally went live on Etsy in January 2021.

I was not a big candle person before, but during my downtime, I started crafting and burning a lot of candles for meditation and found out it's not just the flame and scent but the entire process of making candles can really calm me down and help improve my physical and mental health.

I have art and design background, and always have interests in doing handcrafts and handmade stuff. But in the last several years I never really got the chance to pursuing what I love to do. So I decided to start this candle business, to start from scratch, put my love and passion into candle making,  find the best raw material and make the high quality products I feel others would enjoy. More importantly, to find myself back, and really dive head first into the things I like to do.

My husband got Kyler for me as a birthday gift 8 years ago, he knows I love dog so much. We love our dog, our suburban lives, so we named the business after Kyler, it represents us as a family. We want to share what we love, and we want to share our candles with you.


We are using natural coconut wax for our candles. Why coconut and not soy? Because after so much testing, we found coconut wax can really burn clean, and gives the incredible hot throws and cold throws. I also design and print our own logo and labels. The design we picked for our products is more casual, coastal and down to earth. We want it to be an everyday candle and diffuser, something that you can enjoy everyday at your home, work, or anywhere in your life. It's the inspiration we got from our own suburban lives, so we want to pass that inspiration to others, hope others can relate and connect and also enjoy what our little store can offer to them.

Feel free to browse our shop, and message me if you have any questions, we would love to do our best to serve everyone that visit and shop with us.


Amy, Jeff and Kyler